Satunnainen teksti


Hän ui merissä
maailmalla kuin myös
sinussa ja minussa



The flow of blue emotions
is effervescing inside of me
like a storming ocean
in a serene world

        It's like I had discovered
        a new world
        when I took the first step into your heart
        - without even noticing



Kukaan ei kertonut
miten kauan
miten monta
lyöntiä pitää ottaa
hioutuakseen timantiksi


Could we

Could I sink into you
like the fish sinks into the ocean
or words into the book
Could I be to you
a cozy spot of light
in the gray mass



Minusta tuntuu;
saksissa makaa vapaus
paremmin kuin minussa

Lasi läikkyy, aaltoilee ja väreilee
tyynet hetket ovat harvassa
varpaassa, joka on hankautunut
auki, kaiken suolan keskelle
joka tihkuu minusta


Blue (gift) package

Sometimes I don't want to think
how your eyes shine
while you're watching the same moon
when in reality I'd want something else
- something teeny tiny else -
kiss the same mouth
which every day prints
your inner being with sounds, breaths and sighs
that carries the ingredients of life
and makes me smile like a rose bouquet
which was brought home on the first day



Majority of the poems from 2017 to earlier haven't been translated yet,
so they'll currently appear in Finnish. This is an ongoing process,
since there's a lot of 'em. (Please do enjoy the newer ones tho.)


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