Satunnainen teksti

Minä ja maailma

Monen huteran seinän
pohja kaipaa vahvistusta
Maa tärisee
jokainen meistä on joskus pulassa

Maalatut kasvot "täydellisestä ihmisestä"
kylpevät mielen auringonvalossa
luodussa loistossa lahoten

Silmät katsovat minuuteen
"Näkevätkö ne totuuden?"


Panic of the mind

In the dark space
many eyes, staring
Prickly rough hands
groping, the very surface of the skin

Head in hot steam,
in room, in space,
in a vat?
Ponders thoughts in a boiling nodes
for a way out


The living dead

Breathers of the Death
wander on earth
everyone loves, at least one

Coldness steams,
some fulfill
a dangerous task, unauthorized, maybe


The purr of a fire gyre

I lick your ear and serve my lap
I purr with you to the sunrise

In the light of a campfire there's a bare silhouette
fingering your eyes more lustfully than the flames

Would you open your legs and swallow my mind
like a wolf that's howling at the moon



Majority of the poems from 2017 to earlier haven't been translated yet,
so they'll currently appear in Finnish. This is an ongoing process,
since there's a lot of 'em. (Please do enjoy the newer ones tho.)


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