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I forge from anger and blood
a pair of paranormal cutters

I chant a forest fire
to take care of the roots

I sprinkle salt on top
to make it last



I drill so deep into my body
that I'm nowhere
The world around me is buzzing
I can't find words from the dark
I can't find you
I can't find myself

I touch my body
it's here
with me


meat suit

i stand in a dark room
not knowing whether it's a hall or a wind box
under a lamp

on the right stands an adult
left a child
both are me
heel, back, occiput

the zippers are open
feels like i hover
         the adult runs away

the child looks back
straight into my eyes
directly into me

bottomless white eyes
grinning razor teeth
pull me to them like pulling from a rope

         time is distorted
         i'm in rooms where no one is
         outside my bodies without
         the lowest layer of clothing

         without me




The poems have currently been translated all the way back to October 2016, others will mostly appear in Finnish. My apologies, the process takes quite a long time with this many poems. I hope you can still enjoy the ones that are translated!

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