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Eating Me

I praise a free life
whilst being scared of leaving
the cage that I call my body

I keep silently greeting my sister
who I've adored and praised all my life
alongside other people who expected her
to shine on this Earth

I should start greeting Myself
shredding the pieces of her
that have been with me for too long
Hopes of someone else
are eating me alive



in my ocean there are many ports
ready to launch forgotten ships
from the rays of lonely lanterns

i paint myself again
into the frames
gathering clues as to who i have been
whenever i can

         today i guess i forgot the frame
         now i don't recognize myself
         from the dot to dot puzzle

         my teeth are brushed by someone
         who looks like my sibling




what if we were leafs
from the same branch
wayfaring in the wind
in the linear time

energy of electricity
branched the proximity
an instant shift in the air
this time to your eyes



even when you start a museum
doesn't mean you're entitled for free visit
after neglecting the upkeep for years

         I learned to make my mind forget
         but my body's memory* always remembers
         and that structure is why I'm still standing

I know you gave me the frame
you never let me forget
but I make the painting
both shape and decorate the frame
and I can make it all without you

         it is time for you both to learn
         that you can not make a frame to be a framework

I disowned my parents when I was 15


The Room

my gut is sick
my soul is in turmoil
from all this roller coaster

we've been through a lot
we've been through even more
everything echoes inside of me
like the white light had left the bunker

from a lot to too lil
happiness turns into sorrow
and I lose the ability to grasp

I have locked it all
I got out
         please hold me


our souls dance together

the walls vibrate the empty echo
i can feel the lack of you
the moment i open my eyes
on the morning

we witness
we close
the volcano under us

we exist somewhere
way higher up
together in the stars



The poems have currently been translated all the way back to October 2016, others will mostly appear in Finnish. My apologies, the process takes quite a long time with this many poems. I hope you can still enjoy the ones that are translated!

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