Satunnainen teksti


Majority of the poems from 2017 to earlier haven't been translated yet,
so they'll currently appear in Finnish. This is an ongoing process,
since there's a lot of 'em. (Please do enjoy the newer ones tho.)

nightmare (vi)

you said we were vanilla
without wanting to open other flavours

you wanted to show that the relationship works
to the outside
because you knew you were broken

i lived in a lie
because of you
i was just a pawn in the puzzle of your life
when you were looking for the missing pieces

how could I ever stand you

        my honey was a liar



Your lap removes
dark clouds from the sky
we're one


Bad dream

I lose control
           in my dream you feel the same
my mind feels foreign

There's another man standing next to me
my past looks at me

I shred into small pieces
           for you
the masses form two

I swing
upside down
on a swing that has no ropes



I scratch your back
you whisper our future to my ear
a hug forms a planet
in which we live
Chores are like a stream
meta-work is a cloud
that doesn't cover the sun
Your kiss is air
for the fire inside of me
I think I love you



My batteries won't power
of you
you look at me as a self-evident object
without any corners at all
I've completely smoothed
whenever I think of you



I mix my mind like soup
with the melting ladle I circle the circle
repeating the everyday mantra of storm

You can't taste it
you can't touch it
it's only allowed to swallow me


Something exists

Something exists I'm scared of blank spaces
I question
           I deny everything
I float in the emptiness with myself
always in the evenings
greenness tucks me in
in the morning I'm grateful of the nightmares



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