Satunnainen teksti

In the Dark

Coldness sharpens me
dots are distance
on top of the frosty characters

The angular spiral has found me

My soul screams inwards
my blood boils silently
I'm sweeping my steps from your heart

Are we more of the same now?



I'm trying to talk
myself to the presence
The spacing between lines seems inviting
cry for help
inside the phlegmatic frame

Sometimes I find myself in your arms
sometimes I unnoticeably sweep myself under the doormat
sometimes I get catapulted into the future with a space cannon
sometimes I notice myself fragmented into the past

Floating in the ocean I created
near you stretching the borders of the puddle
With the starry sky
we can breathe
Time really is a concept



Majority of the poems from 2017 to earlier haven't been translated yet,
so they'll currently appear in Finnish. This is an ongoing process,
since there's a lot of 'em. (Please do enjoy the newer ones tho.)


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