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my soul is with you

you know
you're falling in love
when time loses meaning

you know
you've fallen in love
when their smile is the first
and last
thing in your day
and you still feel like
you can't get enough
- when sleep becomes secondary
and they're your air
when you're hungry
but they're all you want

you know you're in love
when you've given your heart
in this constant state of happiness
when everything about the future
stops scaring you
and you literally click
on the same wavelength



I don't care that
you're so far away
'cause you make me feel
so warm
so at ease
so at home
and I have a feeling
that the world
will catch fire
when we're together
when you take me




i am a bird
without a nest
a penguin
without its burrow

and i keep swimming
in circles


it's like

i'm stuck
in here
with a wrong body
surrounded by wrong people
in an entirely wrong life

my mind is stuck
that no one sees my suffering
that no one would help me

even tho you're right here
in my heart

it's like
you're trying to share
my suffering
and amongst many other things
i love you for it




The poems have currently been translated all the way back to October 2016, others will mostly appear in Finnish. My apologies, the process takes quite a long time with this many poems. I hope you can still enjoy the ones that are translated!

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