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Satunnainen teksti

someone's mother

Monopoly money is all she knows
internet to her is mostly unknown
to her the children never grow
afraid of getting old

I don't know what waits for her
at the end of the stairs
I do know what remains at the beginning
the life she never got to live


tree falls

at night i watch your pillow
emptiness echoes
at your place

who am i
in a static house
can you hear?


fall in love

around the clock you smell like home
with you there's peace
your touch ripples
i succumb

at night
you protect me
the bed monster stays at bay
i love to fall asleep wrapped to you


To Sleep

i'm afraid to go to sleep
in the kingdom of blankets
memories mold
everything turns indifferent
necessity to choose new intentions

wrong place
wrong time
wrong age
wrong me

i drift
i managed to escape
        was it me?

i got soaked
on a cloudless weather
my feet are in mud

in the forest i hear the sounds of a circus
from the mouth of a crow comes no sound




I follow the stars
the scars
on my shoulders

People like me tend to
hold whole universes inside
(sometimes) hidden in plain sight

The truth
makes us smile
wide, one with the universe

I will live as me
I will love people like me
People love me



the days dance together
words were hung on me
my thoughts has been attempted to cut
the film reel breaks

the past expands
i narrow down
the glass surface crumbles
i'm drifting



i've been washed
the wrong way around
i don't feel on my skin
it's storming inside me
to the point of numbness

i count days
hours, seconds
to your embrace

you're radiating colors
your touch sparks
sometimes i don't know
what to say
to a star on the sky



a mirror
a jar for anger
an adult
an ornament child
compassion on cue

there's a void inside
always at your disposal

is one of the easiest things
i've ever done




The poems have currently been translated all the way back to October 2016, others will mostly appear in Finnish. My apologies, the process takes quite a long time with this many poems. I hope you can still enjoy the ones that are translated!

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