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Satunnainen teksti

for me

i've become tired
insensible and numb
in conflicting situations
internal ravel tightens the node
into nothingless

i count the dots on the wall
from under the doormat
can i redeem my being
today i feel like
i don't have enough strenght to live for you


(always) welcome

feeling as brain dead
i tighten the grip of the blanket, the hug
from always present

my limbs feel loose
i've already been received
beyond the sunset



Empty words
my stomach eats itself
while my glazed eyes
are fumbling for the right direction

           I fill the bath with tears
           it's easier to amass yourself
           with burning eyes

My mind sways
I've been too full, now I'm empty
the static sieges my mind from the body
I think I'll halt for a moment




The poems have currently been translated all the way back to October 2016, others will mostly appear in Finnish. My apologies, the process takes quite a long time with this many poems. I hope you can still enjoy the ones that are translated!

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