Satunnainen teksti

In the air

What if I'd press my nails through my palms
would try to breathe with the fishes
suppressed my mind
piling the remains for a new
better version of myself

The accordion compresses together
the air escapes from the everyday as the last chord
from the rhythm of life

A black hole swallows us all
corrodes the contaminates of the exterior
with the first breath of the morning
we're all present again


Katoava ote

Autat usvan läpi lämpöön
jaamme elämää ystävinä
side sinuun on ollut aina
- tuntemattomasta syystä

Olet lämmin ja lähestyttävä
karhea mutta pehmeä
kainalossasi on aina hyvä
piilossa maailmalta - sinä ja minä

Veto sydämeen kylmää ja jäädyttää
- enkö minä riittä sinulle iskun jälkeen,
vaikka voisin antaa sinulle maailmani?
Takiasi, putoan


The swing of mind

Would you swing the swing of my mind
with the same candid happiness
whom you experienced as a child
the determination
which grew into as an adult

Second one of my chain's is on the point of separation
Don't worry about it needlessly
I am
however I won't get broken
I've been created to swing



In my thoughts
carefully joined
we evaporate into the air



You brushed my mind like it was a scar
which you hadn't notice before

You touched my hand gently like it was a house made of cards
that I wouldn't get scared

You kissed me like I was a snowflake
which you wanted to melt into you


Mikä sinä olet?

Onko mikään ikuista
tässä todellisuudessa

Miten rajoittunut mielesi on
rajoittavalla asteikolla

Uskotko, mihin uskot
missä seisot
missä kaadut, nukahdat
vaivut ikuiseen uneen

Missä sinä olet?


Thought errors

Would you undress me
eat the thoughts of death
even for a moment
stop the hectic world

You swallow
the prejudices and tell
how things are
while breathing me

You stroke my face the other way
how could I
be able to do the same as you do
- my thoughts are troubled by the amount of contrast

Seconds, minutes and hours
compete by gnawing me
with myself,
and there are no brakes on this train



The poems have currently been translated all the way back to January 2017, others will mostly appear in Finnish. My apologies, the process takes quite a long time with this many poems. I hope you can still enjoy the ones that are translated!

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