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Satunnainen teksti

Me and the world

How much does your scale fall down
from my words, in a world
where the letters teem
it's been rumored, that they're not important

How do you feel
when love is spoken as a mode
so unique, the diversity
the truth about it being a verb is forgotten

Skills are prioritized
things are raised on a podium
trampled, and not taught to listen
- however, there's billions of us


Braided syllables

I stay up with you to the sunset
and beyond
unawares, you hug me
with you the crumbs of a cookie seem big
hail only tickels the smiling senses

Nicknames spills the heart
I feel like I could fly overboard
only enjoying the fall
'cause I know
you'd be there to catch me

Is this what happiness feels like
to everyday find a reason to smile
to laughter
that wraps us together
into co-op bubble, to freedom



On the best days
love drowns
each one of us


Fixing an error

Thanks for sharing the rafting with me
our flow's vortexes accelerated to furious
and that’s why I like you

Rocks and burden
shape each other
creating only a more powerful flow

    Thank you for pointing my error




The poems have currently been translated all the way back to October 2016, others will mostly appear in Finnish. My apologies, the process takes quite a long time with this many poems. I hope you can still enjoy the ones that are translated!

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