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I gluck ideas
I re-rhythm my sense of time
in the middle of a bubbling everyday life

Silence between us
is a new level of harmony
Lovely, that you're here



You're with me like a tree
that will never disappear
time shreds your leafs
into my heart


nightmare (vi)

you said we were vanilla
without wanting to open other flavours

you wanted to show that the relationship works
to the outside
because you knew you were broken

i lived in a lie
because of you
i was just a pawn in the puzzle of your life
when you were looking for the missing pieces

how could I ever stand you

        my honey was a liar



Your lap removes
dark clouds from the sky
we're one


Bad dream

I lose control
           in my dream you feel the same
my mind feels foreign

There's another man standing next to me
my past looks at me

I shred into small pieces
           for you
the masses form two

I swing
upside down
on a swing that has no ropes



I scratch your back
you whisper our future to my ear
a hug forms a planet
in which we live
Chores are like a stream
meta-work is a cloud
that doesn't cover the sun
Your kiss is air
for the fire inside of me
I think I love you



My batteries won't power
of you
you look at me as a self-evident object
without any corners at all
I've completely smoothed
whenever I think of you



I mix my mind like soup
with the melting ladle I circle the circle
repeating the everyday mantra of storm

You can't taste it
you can't touch it
it's only allowed to swallow me


Something exists

Something exists I'm scared of blank spaces
I question
           I deny everything
I float in the emptiness with myself
always in the evenings
greenness tucks me in
in the morning I'm grateful of the nightmares



I get lost in words
everything around me looks the same
The blanket is intertwined with infinity
and I can't find your face in the dark

The sun didn't rise today
already it's been cloudy for a long time
The wack looks back in the mirror
where I am?



The words are squeezed into days,
I'm afraid, I can't support you
on our shared swim
The sky is often cloudy
I'm cold
and our heat isn't evenly distributed
between each toe



Saying makes it real
i don't want to give the past a face
like i don't for you
haunter on a family tree branch

if you ask me
the whole tree could be burned


you weren't (v)

i layed my eyes on you
looking for a friend
around the pipe dreams
i found a maze
made of tears

you met me in dead ends
you touched me in open places
you painted a picture of your presence
even after years
the same repeated in fastfoward




I lie, I bind, I silence
myself to the ground
I touch, I attract
behaviors from the past
- I see the past in the mirror

They are both on my face
at the same time
the realities are overlapping



I dreamed of becoming mad
I feel the Earth's spin
under my feet
after all the burning wasn't from the sauna
tomorrow's sweat was rotating in my mind

My gaze was skewed



I write for me
I write for us
I write for everyone who hears

I'm writing about us
the weather
after the storm

You surrounded me like settled wind
you touch me like the heat of the sun
the universe is one



I race, I wear myself out
when the silence sets I change into being transparent
I open the textbook's science page
like you told me

I look in the mirror and see many
pieces that fling from themselves
shades line my face shut
is always quiet


Puppet master

You told you felt everything
I felt like I was dead in my role

What are we even playing?


spiritual (23)

i couldn't venture myself to sleep
from the thoughts about a little fox
           the little fox
who with the blue eyes made it
carried me so far

that little fox
never heard kudos
before this day

thank you
           with every paw of mine
that i exist


(i) smile

the bad spirits of the moment
cannot beckon me
behind the black curtain
not today

today everything is fine


for me

i've become tired
insensible and numb
in conflicting situations
internal ravel tightens the node
into nothingless

i count the dots on the wall
from under the doormat
can i redeem my being
today i feel like
i don't have enough strenght to live for you


(always) welcome

feeling as brain dead
i tighten the grip of the blanket, the hug
from always present

my limbs feel loose
i've already been received
beyond the sunset



Empty words
my stomach eats itself
while my glazed eyes
are fumbling for the right direction

           I fill the bath with tears
           it's easier to amass yourself
           with burning eyes

My mind sways
I've been too full, now I'm empty
the static sieges my mind from the body
I think I'll halt for a moment



Sometimes black mass drowns you
and I can't look at the rising sun with you
The waves erodes my edges
like the space that's given to emptiness eats away my thoughts
into smaller ones

Mornings seems like a ghostly déjà vu
my gray feet vibrate when they touch the floor
My naked being tremors the last colors
The static overpowers my dormant mind
I'm falling


Four generations

The horrors of wars
silent children
yelling children

We fall apart



Touch I've lost the words
I can't find you in the dark
in my bed
The harmony of your kisses
fills my dancing mind
with waiting



Our souls danced together
the quiet world around us, screams
in silence
you lower my arms to your hips
you rush your arms from neck to my cheeks
           I've been waiting for you




The poems have currently been translated all the way back to October 2016, others will mostly appear in Finnish. My apologies, the process takes quite a long time with this many poems. I hope you can still enjoy the ones that are translated!

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