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Satunnainen teksti

Lacking a name

I am the grain of sand born from the paving
between the tiles
- I repeat the same mantra for myself
while I watch the shoe soles that stomp me

I'm not even sure are these
thoughts my own
or did someone else take me as their own a long time ago
when they forged independence for me

     My yells don't actually become louder
     I just hear the static from the traffic

What am I?


Flipped over

Do you look at empty black madness
approaching floating headlights cause your pulse to rise
while you contemplate suffering and death
inside you

Did you once break yourself with your home
in a cold city you let go of yourself
washed into the sea and breathed

Did you strip yourself free, exposed to the flame
which braided around you, burning your clothes
while desperately trying to hide
from yourself

     Have your lips been cross stitched
     when you have produced pleasure and shed tears
     secretly in the dark, because of a contradiction
     to the world

Have you tried my boots? 


Collision course

Would you look me in the eyes
would you touch me inside and out
would you make me laugh once more
even if I stared at the walls like they were a murderer

What is the real reality
- our reality -
which we have rolled for ourselves
in a rotating world

What really are emotions,
have you seen them, never touched
reached out and hit something
- if so, where?

What if I reach out and run into you?



Put some cotton candy in your backpack
whishingly weave through the human mass
towards the right quadricycle

      You're soon home

Look through the material
note the multitude
vibration in the waves
the star still on the sky

      You're not alone



Is the mirror empty or full
in a multi(?)dimensional world
Who really looks back
from a reflective surface

How does an atom feel like,
can you look inside yourself,
what if you drowned in matter
when jumping


Leaf swirl

Laughters changed like clothes
Nature undressed itself
as we undressed each other

Tickling coldness wrapped itself around us
the leaves are swishing in the wind
our minds pressing the remember -button

When will the spinning face its end
Will I ever come down
from the green lights, from the soft ground


Friable voice

Behind the black and white lights lies the blue rainbow into my heart
Do you know how to melt the ice at the right temperature
to hear the song, in which's pace my heart beats
breathe the same air with me, from me to you and vice versa

Can I touch the tip of your nose with mine,
do you feel how the warmth leaves the stem of my toe
Can you notice the magic?

My heart melts quietly from the back door of my mind
can you hear the steps that are meant for you
to mark the path

Do you see me?


The Stream of Life

Can you focus on  b e i n g  y o u r s e l f
in the multimillion flow of the world
In the vortex of underpinned notions
to build
your own roof under the sea
To change, the direction of travel to your own
Blind, of the outcome
Strive to improve
every stoke
every sound
echo, whispering and flicking
Assemble the sonar
to your own heart



Will you let me slide my fingers
in the multi-stranded growth of your emotions

     Do you dare to open up to me, with the
     traumatic experiences of your childhood
          Do you want to feel
          my pulse within yours




The poems have currently been translated all the way back to October 2016, others will mostly appear in Finnish. My apologies, the process takes quite a long time with this many poems. I hope you can still enjoy the ones that are translated!

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