Satunnainen teksti

Small skein in the universe

Small dreams
little visions
feet walk
but don't touch the ground

The eyes look as if they see a few years beyond
like the vision would actually be drawn to the retina a small moment late
Time is bouncing and swirling
but after all is it me
or am I watching the cycle of time like a movie from a snapping film reel

The heart feels too much or not at all
Rarely it's in between, my limbs are icy and dreary or burn loose
while I breathe the murky musty air
again filling my head with the surrounding World

Whose World?



Majority of the poems from 2017 to earlier haven't been translated yet,
so they'll currently appear in Finnish. This is an ongoing process,
since there's a lot of 'em. (Please do enjoy the newer ones tho.)


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